The green debit card that helps you save the planet

Introducing the Tred card. It’s made of recycled plastic, plants trees as you spend, and tracks your carbon footprint.

Tred green debit card
Plant trees as you spend

Plant trees as you spend

Every time you tap your card, money goes to reforestation projects around the world.

See the carbon footprint of your spending

Working out your impact on the planet just got easier. We calculate the carbon emissions of every transaction you make, giving you an accurate, personalised carbon footprint.

Tred carbon footprint tracking
Tred app - Manage your card

Be in control of your money

Manage your card from the Tred app with easy top-ups, instant notifications, card freezing, and much more.

Go green with a recycled plastic card

Tap your card with pride: it’s made from recycled plastic. We even offset the delivery. Now that’s a green card.

Tred card - Recycled plastic card

Be the change.

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