The debit card that helps the planet

Introducing the powerfully green Tred card that does more than just pay.

It’s accepted globally with Mastercard®, made from sustainable materials, and helps the planet with every payment.

Every payment helps the planet

For every payment made on your Tred card either in person or online, we donate a percentage of the spend to reforestation projects either local to us in Yorkshire or around the world. 

Sustainable down to your fingertips

Tap your card with pride: it’s made from recycled plastic, and we offset it’s manufacture and delivery. Now that’s a green card.

This card packs a punch

Use your card everywhere Mastercard is accepted, at 37 million spots worldwide, in over 210 countries. We’re proud members of Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition.


Go virtual to reduce waste

Save materials and waste with a virtual-only card. If you don’t need a physical card, we won’t send you one! Just another way you can reduce your footprint with Tred.