Our vision – to make money work for people and planet

We want to be radically different than other banking providers, by being fundamentally built on green values, and helping others have a positive impact on the environment by using Tred.

Green values at the heart

Unfortunately, many companies in the banking sector have played (and still do play) a large role in making environmental issues such as climate change worse. We believe that a better banking platform is possible, and that is our mission.

Made with love in Yorkshire

Tred was founded by Will and Peter, who both live in Yorkshire, where Tred is now based. It became obvious to them that not enough actors in the financial sector are using their power for good. They realised that an alternative was possible, and necessary, which was the inspiration for Tred.

(Pictured: some of the Tred team planting trees on Ingleborough for one of our supported projects with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)

A better future for banking and the planet

We want Tred to be a force for good as we seek to make the banking sector greener. We’re currently focusing on business accounts, but we hope to expand our offering to other financial products in the future, so that sustainable banking is an option for all.