Offsetting to take you carbon-neutral

Cancel out your impact by offsetting your carbon footprint with one of Tred’s hand-picked plans.

Tred - Offsetting
Tred app - Offset your carbon footprint

Offset your carbon footprint every month

The amount you offset is tailored to your individual carbon footprint, so you’ll balance out your emissions, and not a penny more. 

Choose from a range of offsetting plans

Support verified projects that remove or prevent carbon emissions. Pick from a range of plans to suit your budget and interests, all verified by trusted third parties. 

Tred app - Offsetting Plans
Tred app - Offset
Tred app - Plans

Personalise your offsetting to suit you

On a budget? Our offsetting cap means you’ll never go over your chosen limit. Feeling flush? Become climate positive by increasing your offsetting contribution.

See your impact over time

Track your positive impact on the planet, and get updates on the offsetting projects you’ve contributed to.

Tred app - See impact over time

Our current offsetting plans

Latin American forestry

Reforest the Amazon


Large-scale reforestation and forest conservation projects in the Amazon, resulting in removed carbon, avoided emissions and benefits to communities.

Wooden building elements

Fund Net Negative Buildings


Using biomass waste, projects produce net negative insulation materials used in buildings. Once installed, the CO₂ is locked for decades to centuries.

Global renewables

Generate Renewable Energy


Renewable energy projects help shift away from fossil fuels, avoiding carbon emissions as well as creating job opportunities in local communities.

Asia forestry

Conserve Forests in Asia


Reforestation and forest conservation projects in countries like Indonesia and Cambodia, removing carbon from the atmosphere and avoiding emissions.

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