Automated and reliable carbon accounting

Get an instant understanding of your business’ impact with our comprehensive and automated carbon footprint tracking technology, and show customers and clients that you’re taking control of your impact.

Take the hard work out of understanding your impact

Understanding your impact doesn’t need to be a long or expensive task. We calculate the carbon emissions of every transaction you make in real-time.

Tracking your footprint with Tred is automated and highly accurate, freeing up time for you to focus on important decision making.

Carbon calculations built on rich data

Transaction data from your bank goes a layer deeper than accounting data, showing us more details about what type of thing you bought and from where, allowing us to maximise the accuracy of our footprint calculations.

Founded on leading science

We’re committed to maintaining the integrity, transparency, and scientific rigour of our carbon tracking technology, to provide reliable reporting that helps facilitate your path to Net Zero. Read more about our methodology in our blog post below.

One platform for all of your accounts

Connect your other business bank accounts and cards to Tred, so you can track your total carbon footprint across your whole organisation. With our secure and seamless open banking connection, you can turn your carbon footprint reporting from a lengthy job to a tap of a button.

Stay ahead of the curve

Show your customers and clients that you’re taking responsibility for your impact by using a green banking platform and reporting on your footprint.

It’s good for business as well as the planet.